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Performer: Luqman Rashada

Info at: www.luqmanrashada.com

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Friday Evenings Only

Friday Nights: 5pm-10pm (Trucks serve until 9pm).
Full Bar: Last Call – 9:30 pm.

July 20th

Luqman Rashada

  • Performing

Yummy Pizza

Egg Stand

Easy Slider

Chiave’s Italian Street Food

Gourmet Bread Pudding

July 27th

Zach Balch

  • Performing

7 Sisters

Yummy Pizza

Tacos Bites Beats

Cajun on the Go

Gourmet Bread Pudding

August 3rd

Lindsay Brewer

  • Performing

Smokin’ Henry’s BBQ

Hot Potato

Cousin’s Lobster

Chilito Pikin’

Creamy Taste of Heaven

August 10th

Lindsay Brewer

  • Performing

Gourmet Bread Pudding

Guava Tree

Mell’s Grill

Chitos on Wheels

Don’t Be Shy

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